3D Printing


3D printing technology enables a machine to make copies of almost anything, in three dimensions. Which means that you can print something that has height, width, and depth. It is the most astounding development in printing since Gutenberg invented the printing press around 600 years ago.
However, you’ll be surprised to know that 3D printing technology is 30 years old. It’s just that it has been well documented and defined during the last couple of years.


What is 3d printing?
3D printing and Additive manufacturing are the two terms referring to the same process of building a product by adding material, layer by layer, from a CAD (Computer-aided design) file. This is opposite to the traditional manufacturing process, like CNC machining, where the product is built bysubtracting material from a sheet or block of material. People in industries prefer the term ‘Additive manufacturing,’ while on the other hand, the term ‘3D printing’ is used by the media and consumers, and this name has seen a spike in usage ever since a 3D printer became something you could have on your desk.