Casting tungsten carbide welding rod

Casting tungsten carbide welding rod profile

Casting tungsten carbide welding rod, also known as casting tungsten carbide tube wire, tube composition includes W2C and WC alloy particles, the hardness of 93HRA melting point 1600-1800 degrees.


Oxygen - acetylene flame welding, with high wear resistance.

Application areas

Suitable for surfacing of easy-worn parts such as oil drilling tools, building materials machinery, sugar cane broken tools, drilling drills, straw reclamation grinders and feed grinder blades, making it an alloy wear-resisting tool. Wide tungsten carbide products are widely used in petroleum Drilling, construction machinery surface wear and other parts of the hardening and hardening.

Specification type

Diameter mm Tube length mm Size (mesh) YZ5 4.0 390 60 ~ 80 YZ4 5.0 390 40 ~ 60 YZ3 6.0 390 30 ~ 40

Particle size from 34um-4000um (-5 head to +400 head)