Drying and storage of wear-resisting electrode before use

(1) Acid wear-resistant electrode is not sensitive to moisture, and organic rutile type electrode can allow higher water content. Therefore, according to the specific conditions of damp, drying in 70-150° for one hour, the storage time is short and good packaging, general use before drying.

(2) Alkaline low hydrogen type wear-resisting electrode must be dried before use to reduce the hydrogen content of the electrode, prevent porosity, cracks and other defects, the general drying temperature is 350°c, one hour. Do not put the electrode in the high-temperature furnace suddenly into or suddenly cooled, so as not to skin chapped. For the hydrogen content has special requirements, drying temperature should be increased to 400-500°c, one to an hour. The drying of alkaline electrode is best placed in another temperature control in the 50-100°c low-temperature drying tank storage, and with the use of.

(3) Drying of wear-resisting electrode, each layer of electrode can not be stacked too thick (general 1-3-layer) in order to avoid the electrode drying when the uneven heat and moisture is not easy to eliminate.

(4) In the open air operation, the overnight wear-resistant electrode must be properly kept, do not allow open storage, should be stored in low-temperature box, or the next day before use must be dry.