Gas atomization milling process

Gas atomization milling process

First, Application and principle of aerosol pulverizing equipment

Gas atomization powdering device is designed to meet the conditions under certain conditions made of metal powder spherical atomization device designed.

Gas atomizing pulverizing device works, refers to the gas protection under the conditions of melting metal or metal alloy, metal liquid through the insulation crucible, diversion nozzle out (down), through the nozzle by the high-pressure liquid metal atomized into a large number of broken Small droplets, thin droplets solidified in flight into spherical or sub-spherical particles, to achieve the purpose of milling.

Second, Aerosol powder has the following characteristics

1. Most metals and their alloy powders that can’t be produced by water atomization can be prepared.

2. Can be prepared spherical or sub-spherical powder.

3. Due to rapid solidification overcome segregation phenomenon, you can prepare many special alloy powders.

4. Using the appropriate process, you can achieve a particle size of the required range.

Third, Gas atomization milling device structure

The structure of the aerosol pulverizing device consists of the following parts:

IF induction melting furnace (its specifications are 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg),

Holding furnace (capacity 10kg, 25kg two kinds of specifications), atomization system, atomization tank, dust collection system,

Gas supply system, water cooling system, control system, medium frequency power supply, holding furnace power system (10kg, 25kg non-insulated furnace)

Forth, System composition

1. Induction melting furnace:

Is actually a multi-functional induction melting furnace, which has: a furnace body, a furnace cover, a lifting mechanism, a temperature measuring mechanism, an induction coil and a tilting furnace mechanism. The temperature measuring mechanism measures the temperature of the molten metal in the melting crucible and the temperature- (Note: 10kg, 25kg for manual casting) is connected with the hydraulic drive cylinder, the hydraulic ratio through the hydraulic proportional to match the power supply; induction coil placed in the crucible can be charged with pouring; Valve to control pouring speed.

3. Holding furnace:

Holding furnace is installed on the nozzle system, is a liquid metal container, but also the role of insulation, it is more than smelting

System crucible smaller size, and slender structure, in order to ensure the liquid metal pressure head. Holding furnace heating system, temperature measurement system.

Holding furnace heating system, a resistance heating and induction heating in two ways, the resistance heating temperature is generally up to 1200 , flu

Should be heated up to about 1900 , but to choose a reasonable crucible material. Holding furnace power supply has two options, resistance

Heating for high-current power regulator, induction heating power supply for the SCR intermediate frequency.

4. Atomization system:

Atomization system consists of nozzles, high pressure gas pipe, valves and other components.

6. Tank (spray chamber):

The tank is actually a container that holds all the devices together as required, which is the space where the metal droplets condense

between. Stainless steel inner wall, the outer layer of carbon steel, the middle of the water-cooled sandwich; tank size and milling requirements and capacity.

7. Dust collector:

In the milling process some ultra-fine powder, along with high-speed air flow along the pipe fly. If not handled, one is to pollute the environment and the other is to waste materials, so it must be recycled. The current method of recovery is through the cyclone and the use of water received

Set method to solve.

8. Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is mainly used to provide hydraulic power for the lifting of the furnace and the lid of the entire installation.

9. Gas supply system:

The air supply system is a device that supplies gas to the atomizing nozzle. It consists of a valve, a high-pressure pipe and a gas supply bus.

10. cooling system:

Most of the units are equipped with water cooling, cooling system is essential. Cooling water temperature will be reflected on the secondary instrument to ensure the safe operation of the device.

11. Control System:

The control system is the operation control center of gas atomization milling device, all the operation and related data are concentrated in the system,

Through the secondary instrument display and processing completed.

12. IF power supply:

IF power supply is to provide IF current generator, which is AC-DC-AC conversion process to complete, the general election KGPS

Medium-frequency thyristor power supply, with a medium frequency transformer. To solve the discharge and isolation issues.