Iron-based alloy powder

Iron-based alloy powder

Iron-based alloy powder coating hardness, compactness, bonding strength equal to nickel-based alloy powder coating roughly the same, so in many cases can replace the nickel-based alloy powder, but the toughness of the coating is lower than the nickel-based alloy powder coating . Iron-based alloy powder coating has good wear resistance.

(1)Carbon steel and low alloy powders

These materials are the most widely used mechanical engineering materials. Its strength, wear resistance, wide range of sources, low prices, are generally used at room temperature working mechanical parts for the sliding surface of the hard coating and wear parts of the size of the repair, but such materials have a higher melting point, spraying Easily lead to oxidation and coating porous and so on.

(2)Iron-chromium-silicon alloy powder

This alloy coating gives a bright, dense coating and a good finish, with a coating hardness of up to 90 HRB to repair worn bronze and stainless steel parts and to repair cavitation in stainless steel vessels as a pump shaft On the liner surface, mechanical seal surface or the coating of the motor shaft surface.

(3)Iron-chromium-boron-silicon alloy powder

This series of alloy wear resistance, pressure resistance and toughness is good, easy to process, for wear parts and shaft pump surface, sealing surface and other parts of the steam box. As containing boron, silicon and other elements, with self-flux, can be sprayed directly, but also for remelting treatment, can be used for laser cladding.