Market development of Nickel

Market development of Nickel

From January to December 2006, China's total nickel production was 112,1280.01 tons, an increase of 22.07% over the same period of 2005. From January to December 2007, the cumulative nickel production in China was 115,772,10 tons, up 8.51 over the same period of 2006 %; From January to October 2008, the accumulated nickel production in China was 112,209.99 tons, an increase of 8.99% over the same period of 2007.

In the continuous development of China's nickel industry, there are also some problems. For example, nickel ore is mostly low-grade, with a small proportion of open-cut mining. Recoverable reserves account for only 10% of the total reserves and mining and smelting technologies are relatively backward. Beneficiation Generally weak acid or weak base medium flotation process, beneficiation capacity of 4.3 million tons / year; China's nickel smelting in addition to several large enterprises generally use the fire method of selected matte smelting technology, the main nickel nickel sulfide membrane electrolysis and sulfuric acid Selective leaching - electrowinning process, and the world's advanced technology there is a certain gap, so China's mining and smelting costs remain high.

After China's nickel consumption in 2010 is expected to reach 400,000 tons / year, China will become the world's largest nickel consumer. China's nickel base reserves in 2010 were only about 2.3 million tons. There is no significant progress in China's exploration of nickel ore in 2010-2013. If China is to follow this pattern of consumption, China's nickel resources will be gradually depleted in 10 years.

On 5 October 2012, after 4 years of exploration, the geology and mining authorities and the mineral enterprises in Xinjiang Province of China discovered a million-ton super-large nickel mine in Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang. They have explored 1.28 million tons of nickel metal resources.

"2013-2017 China Metal Nickel Industry Panorama Survey and Investment Forecast Report" data show that China and the United States as the largest consumer. Higo said nickel pig iron production in China will rise to 350,000 tons in 2013. Nickel pig iron is a substitute for low grade iron ore. Chinese stainless steel producers nickel pig iron increased use will inhibit its risk appetite for nickel, dragging down nickel prices. He said demand in China will increase by 8.5% to 830,000 tons, while output, including pig iron, will increase by 10% to 540,000 tons. China's demand accounts for 47% of the global total.

As of May 23, 2013, China stock 180,024 tons. Global stainless steel production in 2013, or forecast an increase of 1.7% from January to 36.5 million tons. China's output will increase by 3.7% to 16.8 million tons. According to the International Stainless Steel Forum, stainless steel production in Asia accounts for 70% of the global total.

China's supply of nickel has two parts, one part is the supply of new nickel concentrate, which accounted for 72.9% of the total supply of nickel, the other part from renewable nickel accounted for 27.1%, with the economic development and the development of the steel industry, nickel Demand continues to increase.

South Africa: The Nkomati nickel mine, located in the Mpumalanga region of eastern Republic of South Africa, 300 km from Johannesburg and put into operation in 1997, is the first nickel mine in South Africa. Divided into two deposits: high-level ore, low-level ore. The high-level ore is sent to the Rustenburg smelter for smelting and the low-level ore is sent to Botswana and Zimbabwe for smelting. Feasibility study of expansion in 2007 is expected to expand production in 2010 put into operation. 2010 production capacity and production capacity of about 4,000 tons (metal). After the expansion, the life of mining will be extended from 2023 to 2030 and will be gradually changed to open pit mining.