Morphology and characteristics of cast tungsten carbide

Cast Tungsten carbide is the raw material of WC powder and metal tungsten powder, in accordance with the requirements of carbon content to be mixed into a graphite boat, in about 3,000 ℃ smelting furnace melting and adding carburizing, casting the melt into strips, then the casting bar broken, graded, made of various particle size range of cast tungsten carbide. Cast Tungsten Carbide is the eutectic of WC and W2C, its Rockwell hardness is up to 93~93.7HRA, the hardness of its hardest component w2c is 2500~3000 HV, so it has very good abrasion resistance.

However, because the shape of cast tungsten carbide particles is more needle-like, flake and other irregular shape, so that it in the interrupted working state, exposing the surface of the sharp corners due to the very easy fragmentation and lead to early wear, and its irregular surface shape easy to produce stress concentration, resulting in cracks.