Nickel-Based Alloy Powder

Nickel-Based Alloy Powder


(1) Nickel-chromium alloy thermal spray powder: This type of thermal spray powder is more common, for example, a nickel-chromium heat resistant alloy which is made by adding 20% of chromium to nickel. Nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy at high temperatures almost no oxidation, is a typical heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high temperature oxidation coating materials. The coating is dense and has good bonding property with the base metal, and is an excellent transition layer material of the coating and the base material of ceramic, soft metal and the like, which can increase the ability of the base body to resist the erosion of high temperature gas and improve the coating and Base material bond strength.

(2) Nickel-Chromium-Iron Alloy Thermal Spray Powder: This type of thermal spray powder is obtained by adding suitable iron to nickel-chromium, which is slightly inferior to nickel-chromium alloy in oxidation resistance at high temperature. Nickel-chromium alloy close to the point that the price is cheaper, it can be used as a repair of corrosion-resistant parts can also be used as a transitional layer of thermal spray powder.

(3) Ni-Cr-B alloy thermal spray powder: This alloy contains boron, chromium and carbon and other elements, the hardness is relatively high, moderate toughness, after spraying, the coating wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance Good sex, can be used for shaft, piston and other anti-corrosion repair.

(4) Nickel-Aluminum Alloy Thermal Spray Powder, Nickel-Aluminum Alloy Thermal Spray Powder is commonly used as the primer layer. Each of its particles consists of fine nickel powder and aluminum powder. When sprayed, the thermal spray powder is heated to a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius by the flame and generates a strong chemical reaction between the nickel and the aluminum to form intermetallic compounds and release a large amount of heat. At the same time, part of the aluminum is oxidized to produce more Heat. At this high temperature, nickel can diffuse into the base metal to significantly increase the bond strength of the coating. Another notable feature of the nickel-aluminum composite thermal spray powder is that the coating formed after spraying has a rough surface and therefore provides an ideal surface for joining other spray materials. The thermal expansion coefficient of nickel-aluminum composite thermal spray powders is close to that of most steels and is therefore an ideal intermediate coating material.

Nickel-based alloy powder use

For oxygen - acetylene flame or plasma spray welding process, commonly used in corrosion protection, wear-resistant, especially the wear-resistant parts of the sliding preventive protection and repair, such as wire drawing drums, cams, plungers, roller conveyor rollers.


1. Please strictly according to oxygen - acetylene flame or plasma spray welding process requirements.

2. The use of small and medium-sized spray torch, should choose -150 purpose powder, large spray gun should use -150 / +320 purpose powder.

3. If any absorption of alloy powder phenomenon, or storage period of more than 3 months, should be used before the dry place (120 , heat 2 hours).