Storage and Preparation of Nickel

Storage conditions of Nickel

Store in a cool, airy warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Packaging requirements sealed, not with air contact. Should be stored separately with oxidants, acids, etc., avoid mixing reservoir. Using explosion-proof lighting, ventilation facilities.

Preparation of Nickel

1.Electrolysis The enriched sulfide ore roasted into oxides, with carbon reduction to rough nickel, and then by electrolysis pure nickel metal.

2.Carbonylation method. Nickel sulfide minerals and carbon monoxide generated by the role of four nickel carbonyl, heated decomposition, but also to high purity nickel metal.

3.Hydrogen reduction method. Nickel reduction with hydrogen, available nickel metal.

4. In the blast furnace mixed with oxygen to replace sulfur, nickel ore heating can be obtained nickel oxide. Nickel metal can be obtained by reacting this oxide with an acid reacted with iron.

5. Ore calcined into oxides, then water gas or carbon reduction to obtain nickel.