Tungsten carbide spray coating characteristics

Tungsten carbide spray coating characteristics

Coating Preparation Features:

1, Flame velocity is very high, usually 5 times the speed of sound.

2, Spray powder speed is very high, up to 2000 m / s.

3, The coating is highly dense, high bonding strength, porosity less than 1%, the bonding strength can be greater than 70Mpa.

4, Low degree of oxidation of coating materials. Loss of carbon is less, high hardness coating.

5, The powder particles in the high-speed flame has been a great kinetic energy, the impact of the substrate and the deposition of particles is significant Guangzhou Si Boryei and deposition of particles in only a small part of the particles exist liquid / solidification and shrinkage process , The vast majority of solid phase deformation, the coating generated in favor of improving the reliability of the coating compressive stress.

6, Some specific materials to meet the occasion of repair.

7, High-speed impact and strong deformation of the lattice distortion of the material, increasing the activity of the material, thereby increasing the adjacent particles or matrix material to generate the possibility of physics, the coating of high reliability.

8, The workpiece is not deformed.

Application areas,

Mainly engaged in ceramic coating, the current power, steel, cement and other enterprises to provide set of protective coatings, personalized protection program design, engineering and technical services integrated protection solutions. Customer service involves aerospace, petrochemicals, paper and printing, packaging, electronics, transportation and other fields. Services include all kinds of shaft, pump valve, seal ring, sputtering target, corrugated roller, all kinds of valves, rollers, fan impeller, drawing tower wheel and other high wear-resistant products such as components and components of the wear-resistant, high temperature , Corrosion-resistant, conductive, insulating and other thermal spray coating.

Wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, papermaking; railway, machinery, automobile, steel, petroleum, chemical, printing, aerospace, electricity coal.

Plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating and electrical insulation coating: such as ZrO2, Al2O3 coating.

Plasma sprayed metal oxide wear-resistant coatings: such as Cr2O3, Al2O3 / Ti coating, etc., for the pump plunger, seal ring, bushings, godets and so on.

Supersonic spray wear-resistant corrosion-resistant coating: such as WC-Co, WC-Co-Cr, NiCr-Cr3C2, carbide, tungsten carbide spray coating, wc spray, for turbine blades, fan impeller, valve body.