Vacuum gas atomization milling

Vacuum gas atomization milling


First, the use of vacuum atomization milling equipment and principles

Vacuum atomization milling device, is designed to meet the vacuum atomization milling technology research and production and design of the device.

Vacuum atomization pulverizing device works, refers to the melting of metal or metal alloy under vacuum conditions, under the conditions of gas protection, the metal liquid through the thermal insulation tundish, deflector flow down through the nozzle by the high-pressure air flow will be Metal liquid atomization broken into a large number of small metal droplets, small droplets in the flight process under the surface tension of the role of the formation of spherical and solidified into particles, to achieve the purpose of milling.

Second, vacuum atomization milling has the following characteristics

1, you can prepare the vast majority can not be used in air and water atomization of metal and its alloy powder.

2, spherical powder can be prepared.

3, due to rapid solidification without segregation phenomenon, you can prepare many special alloy powder.

4, by adjusting the appropriate process, you can make the powder particle size reach a required range.

Third, the structure of vacuum atomization milling device

Vacuum atomization milling device structure consists of the following components:

Melting system, atomization system, vacuum system, air pressure and gas supply system, powder grading system, cooling water system, PLC control system, platform and so on.

1, melting system:

Is actually a multi-functional vacuum induction melting furnace, which has: shell, induction coil, feeding temperature measurement device, window, pouring furnace device, tundish and other components: the shell is a sealed vacuum vessel, double-deck structure , The inner wall is made of stainless steel and the outer wall is made of carbon steel and the middle is water-cooled; the temperature measuring device measures the temperature of the metal solution in the melting crucible and the temperature of the tundish; the window can observe the inside of the furnace in the whole process; Core, induction coil placed in the crucible, you can smelting and casting. Tundish installed in the nozzle system for storage of molten metal liquid, but also insulation effect, it is smaller than the melting system crucible size, and slender structure, tundish holding furnace has its own heating system, temperature measurement system. Holding furnace heating system, resistance heating and induction heating in two ways, the resistance heating temperature can reach 1000 , induction heating temperature up to 1500 or higher, but to a reasonable choice of crucible material.

4, vacuum system:

Vacuum system is the working medium to obtain a vacuum environment device, which according to the vacuum requirements and volume to configure different vacuum units. It can be equipped with a rotary vane pump, a slide valve pump, a Roots pump and a diffusion pump, and is connected with a primary, secondary or tertiary pump of a vacuum furnace, an aerodynamic vacuum valve and a furnace body and an atomization deposition tank.

5, atomization system:

Atomization system from the atomization barrels, nozzles, high-pressure pipe, valves and other components.

6, dust collector:

In the process of milling some of the ultrafine powder, with the high-speed airflow along the pipeline fly, if not processed, one is polluting the environment, and second, a waste of materials, it must be recycled, the current recycling method is cyclone And use of non-collection methods to solve.

7, gas pressure and gas supply system:

Gas supply system is to atomize the nozzle to provide gas device, which consists of pressure pumps, valves, high-pressure hose and bus and other components.

8, cooling system:

Most of the units are equipped with water cooling, cooling system is essential. Cooling water temperature will be reflected on the secondary instrument to ensure the safe operation of the device.

9, control system:

The control system is the operation control center of this device. All operation and related data are transmitted to the PLC of the system, and the result is displayed through the operation processing.

Features: Available spherical, high pine than low oxygen content powder.

Applications: Powder metallurgy in metal milling.