Water atomization milling process

Water atomization milling process

Water atomization method of metal powder production process, has a long history. In ancient times, people poured melted molten iron into water and burst it into tiny metal particles, which were used as raw materials for steel making. Until now, some people in the private sector also poured molten lead into water to make lead pellets . The use of water atomization method for the production of crude alloy powder, the principle of the process mentioned above and let the water burst metal solution is the same, but the efficiency of the crushing has been greatly improved.


High pressure water atomization method for the production of coarse alloy powder, the first gold in the melting furnace, melted gold liquid to be overheated about fifty degrees, and then into the tundish. Start the high-pressure water pump before the gold liquid injection, let the high-pressure water atomization device start the workpiece. Gold tundish in the tundish after beam through the bottom of the leak into the atomizer. Atomizer is a key equipment for making high-pressure water mist alloy powder. The quality of the atomizer is related to the smashing efficiency of the metal powder. Under the action of the high-pressure water from the atomizer, the gold liquid is continuously broken into fine droplets and falls into the cooling liquid in the device, and the liquid rapidly solidifies into the alloy powder. Traditional high-pressure water atomized metal powder manufacturing process, the metal powder can be continuously collected, but there is a small amount of metal powder with the loss of atomized water. In the process of producing alloy powder by high-pressure water atomization, the atomized product is concentrated in an atomizer, precipitated, filtered, and dried (if necessary, it is usually sent directly to the next step) to obtain fine Alloy powder, the entire process does not exist the loss of alloy powder.


A complete set of high-pressure water atomized alloy powder equipment consists of the following components:

Melting part, the choice of intermediate frequency metal melting furnace, can also use high-frequency metal smelting furnace, furnace capacity as determined by the amount of metal powder processing, the choice of 50 kilograms of stove, or 20 kilograms of stove.

Atomizing part, this part of the equipment is non-standard equipment, should be based on the manufacturer's site conditions to design, layout, the main tundish: tundish in winter production, the need for pre-heating; Atomizer: Nebulizer will come from high pressure The pump's high-pressure water impinges the gold liquor from the tundish at a predetermined speed and angle, breaking it into metal droplets. Under the same pump pressure, the amount of fine metal powder after atomization is related to the atomization efficiency of the atomizer. The atomization cylinder: It is the place where the alloy powder is atomized, crushed, cooled and collected. The resulting alloy powder, in order to prevent one of the ultrafine alloy powder with water loss, after atomization should be allowed to stand for some time, and then placed in the powder bin.

After-treatment part: Receiving powder box: Used for the collection of alloy powder after atomization, separation and removal of excess water; Drying oven: Drying the hydrous wet alloy powder; Sieving machinery: Sieving the alloy powder, Unfurnished, coarser alloy powders can be atomized as melted back into charge.