Introduction Of Cobalt Based Electrode Classification

According to the use of the electrode, the cobalt base electrode can be divided into: structural steel electrode, heat-resisting steel electrode, stainless steel electrode, surfacing electrode, low temperature welding electrode, cast iron electrode, nickel and nickel alloy electrode, copper and copper alloy electrode, aluminum and aluminum alloy electrode and special purpose electrode.

If according to the main chemical composition of the electrode skin, the cobalt base electrode can be divided into: titanium oxide type electrode, titanium oxide calcium type electrode, ilmenite type electrode, iron oxide type electrode, cellulose type electrode, low hydrogen type electrode, graphite type electrode and salt base type electrode.

The cobalt base electrode can be divided into acidic electrode and alkaline electrode if the characteristics of molten slag are classified according to the melting of the electrode skin. The main components of the acidic electrode skin are acidic oxides, such as silica, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and so on. The main components of the alkaline electrode skin are oxides, such as marble and fluorite.