Metal Thermal Spraying Process

Metal thermal spraying is a special surface science and technology that special equipment melts and accelerates a solid material to the surface of the workpiece to form a special coating to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the workpiece.

The principle of metal thermal spraying refers to the molten state of the spray material, through the high-speed airflow atomized spray to form a spray coating on the surface of parts of a metal processing method. Plasma thermal spraying is a plasma arc heat source for thermal spraying, plasma thermal spraying has a series of advantages, such as: nozzle exit temperature can be a long time in thousands of degrees to more than ten thousand degrees, you can easily almost all materials Spraying, plasma flame temperature, flow rate can be adjusted within a wide range, adaptability, easy to control the spray air flow; coating with high bonding, porosity can be adjusted. Spray coating process is characterized by first spray coating the surface of the base material, and then for the coating above the melting point (but lower than the melting point of the base metal) to melt the coating to make it with the base metal surface has a resistance Wear, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, with excellent electrical conductivity, insulation, smooth surface, density, high bonding strength, the thermal deformation of the matrix small advantages, after spraying the parts. Not only meticulous precision, but also to resist rapid temperature changes, for the long-term high temperature and friction in the most frequent repair and maintenance of mechanical parts, regeneration and extension of life to provide the most effective, most effective and most efficient solution. Therefore, in the equipment maintenance, the scrapped zero parts can be "brought back to life" and can also be strengthened and pre-protected in the manufacture of new products to "longevity", which not only ensures the normal operation of the equipment but also better solves the problems of Planting parts supply problems, but also for the new generation of product design has accumulated rich experience.