Thermal Spray Applications

Thermal spray applications

Thermal Spray Repair of Different Parts

1 paper machine dryer surface scratches, corrosion and wear, partial erosion of the surface of both ends of the cylinder pit collapse, to be repaired and strengthened to prevent further corrosion scrap arc spraying stainless steel anti-corrosion coating. (Features: Spraying speed, high bonding strength, acid and alkali corrosion)

2 paper mill plastic drum shaft, iron bearing wear and tear, severe wear: cold spray anti-wear nickel-chromium alloy coating

3 on the pressure rod bearing serious wear and tear, spraying Ni-Cr alloy wear-resistant coating

4 beater shaft bearing wear, the shaft surface was worn serious wear and tear: thermal spraying Ni-Cr alloy coating

5 blanket stick surface copper bearing wear, the shaft surface was worn serious wear and tear: thermal spray aluminum bronze coating.

6 cage bearing carbon steel bearing serious wear and tear: thermal spraying Ni-Cr alloy wear-resistant coating

7 Pulp Copper Bearings Bit wear Pulp impeller Copper shaft, severe wear: Thermal spray Ni-Cr alloy coating and Cu-based alloy coating.

8 fine pump shaft, shell, bearing serious wear and tear, thermal spray welding nickel-chromium wear-resistant coating

9 steam machine steel, iron shaft, bearing serious wear and tear: thermal spraying Ni-Cr alloy coating.

10 knife grass cutter steel with serious wear and tear, thermal spraying iron-based alloy coating.

11 cyclone dust steel, iron bearing serious wear and tear: thermal spraying Ni-Cr alloy coating.

12 Calender Steel Bearings serious wear and tear, cold spray coating of nickel-chromium alloy.

13 various types of motor bearing bits, the size of the cover repair steel cast iron bearing serious wear: thermal spraying Ni-Cr alloy coating

14 mesh cage shaft

Circular mesh paper machine mesh cage axis is the long axis through the entire cage, both ends of the bearing wear tolerance, can not be replaced with shaft or surfacing repair, can only be scrapped. Cold spray repair, restore the use of functions.


Casting, forging equipment working in a dusty and corrosive environment, wear and tear of mechanical parts corrosion will be more serious. Our company can repair various types of casting machine hydraulic system components, such as hydraulic plunger repair and renovation, and all kinds of parts with the bit, such as bearing bit, seal bit. Chemical, pesticide machinery often due to work in an acidic corrosive environment, so the repair of such machinery, to be considered the problem of corrosion Xinyi Pesticide Factory hydraulic plunger cold spray repair site. Hydraulic, pressure system pumps, plungers, spools and other repair. : My company hydraulic tank pull dart injury repair, such as flour mill bearing all kinds of bearings, motor rotor, pressure roller; import sugar equipment accessories with the various types of repair.

Paper machinery

Steamer, dryer, oven longevity enhanced repair; a variety of roller surface hardening and repair; centrifugal pumps, axial pumps, steam boilers, valves and mixer shaft sealing sleeve and other parts repair; Cold spray coating company to strengthen technology.


Roller, guide wire hook, rapier Weft selection Weft refers to the wear-resistant coating; Shu cotton machine pressure roller, a small pressure roller, tin roller, cast iron outer plate, roller surface to the roller face, Doffer shaft; sizing machine through the valve, bilge side axis plane junction, immersion flower basket axis, sizing roller shaft head, spindle journals, yarn guide roller, squeezing roller, dampness measuring wet roll, warp journal, cloth Yarn roller journals; Plus grade and pull off the perrolla, big roll (black roll), finishing roller, guide roller, heat roller and sub-roller, guide roller, printing roller surface and journal, , Friction plate (film), etc. are used my company wear-resistant coating technology. print

Printing embossing roller; ceramic anilox roller; coating roller, ink roller, printing roller, water roller; dental pad; teeth, etc. are used my company cold spray coating technology.


Blast furnace tuyere, slag mouth heat corrosion coating; slab continuous casting mold, guide roller and conveyor roller; steel and non-ferrous metal processing in a variety of process rollers; steel surface treatment production line of various rollers (such as Continuous annealing furnace roll, galvanized sinking roll and a variety of guide rollers, tension rollers, etc.) wear, corrosion and anti-tumor coating.


Ball mill, steam turbine rotor and generator rotor journals, cylinder joint repair; boiler four tube wear-resistant corrosion coating; turbine blades anti-cavitation and wear-resistant coating; gas turbine blades, flame tube, transition section of high temperature protective coating ; Fan impeller, ball mill and other wear parts wear-resistant coating; door core, door stem, valve core, valve parts, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant seat coating and boiler-related equipment components to strengthen the repair. Transportation

Wear-resistant coating of various wear parts; automotive engine base, synchronous ring, curved roller repair and pre-strengthening; gear box bearing, cylinder plunger, front and rear axle support shaft, wear- Dredge rake head, wear rings, mud bucket, cutter blade, shovel tooth, mud pump impeller, ship's shifter, Danzhou copper sleeve, eccentric sleeve, gear shaft, mud pump water seal neck, mud door, Skateboard, scraper sand scraper wear-resistant coating.

Chemical industry

Various containers, reactors, pipes, pumps, valves and sealing parts repair; all kinds of enamel tanks, special containers on-site repair; boilers, air compressors, pumps and other parts repair.

Glass industry

The method of thermal spraying is used to spray a layer of ceramic on the surface of the lifting roller and the conveying roller to increase the corrosion resistance of the lifting roller and the conveying roller to the molten glass and to suppress the adhesion of the molten liquid phase on the roller surface and to slow the erosion of the molten glass against the roller surface. Roller surface remains smooth for a long time, reducing lifting and conveying roller maintenance, improve glass quality and production yield, reduce production costs.

Electrical lines

Using thermal spray welding technology in the drawing tower wheel, wire drawing machine, drawing wheel, wire wheel, drawing cylinder, coiler, guide groove and other parts of the spray coating carbide ceramic coating, the surface hardness can reach HRc75, far more than abrasive High wear resistance of steel or chilled cast iron; also make these parts of the base body made of ordinary steel or cast iron, both to reduce costs, but also extend the service life.


Long-term thermal coating of various types of steel structure protective coating, anti-corrosion, long-term preservation, a protective life of up to 30 years

Light industry

Plastic mold spray to strengthen the repair; extruder screw and rubber mixer rotor spray enhanced; a variety of roller bearings spray repair and strengthen.