Tungsten Carbide Electrode

Tungsten carbide electrode is the use of carbon steel welding core of low hydrogen sodium type coating surfacing electrode. Rely on the skin in the tungsten carbide alloy transition, surfacing metal tungsten content of 40% to 50%. As the drug skin is thick, so the sleeve is longer, the electrode is prone to small pieces of peeling off after the electrode is red, it is appropriate to use DC current, the electrode connected to the positive, the use of smaller current.


It is suitable for repairing and surfacing mechanical parts subjected to severe wear of abrasive particles and strong abrasion resistance to rock. Such as: concrete mixing blades, bulldozers and pump blades, dredger blades, high-speed mixing sandbox, propeller (dragon) leaves, exhaust fan impeller, mixer blades, mud pump, coal chute, cement plant tray, tower Tip, fangs, liner, jaw, broken stone machine, hammerhead, electric dipper teeth, bit repair and other surfacing and so on.

Reference current

Electrode diameter (mm)
Welding current (A)70-120140-180180-230

Chemical composition

Welding metal chemical composition (%)



1. Before welding electrodes to be 300-350 baking 1h.

2. Preheating temperature is 300 when the surfacing weldment is carbon steel, preheating temperature is 

400-500 when the surfacing weldment is low alloy steel, and preheating temperature is 600-650 when the surfacing weldment is stainless steel.

3. Low-alloy steel and stainless steel to be annealed at 700 after welding.